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Greg Robbins Accounting Pty Ltd
is a CPA Practice

Why Greg Robbins Accounting?

2016 - After 20 years of working as a partner in a city fringe accounting firm, it was
time to spread my wings, freshen up, smell the roses and take my career (business) to the
next level. I, as many of my clients, work to live not live to work. Setting up Greg Robbins Accounting business in Bentleigh, is a lifestyle decision and I am excited with the prospect of
working closely with my own select client base, clients I can personally nurture to ensure
they are always getting the best possible accounting service & advice available -  
Accounting, Taxation, Superannuation, SMSF Audits, Business Management and Advisory Services.


CPA: Certified Practising Accountant - Greg Robbins


I am a fellow of CPA Australia (FCPA), a registered tax agent, an SMSF auditor, a registered
ASIC agent, previously a Certified Financial Planner (CFP), so you can have confidence that
your financial affairs will be dealt with in accordance to the strictest of government industry standards and ethical business practises - you can account on us.


I will personally ensure you have the best legal structure to conduct your business or
investments e.g. company, trust, SMSF, SMSF bare trust etc., to provide benefits such as
tax minimisation, asset protection, accessing CGT concessions, succession planning and
estate planning. I will implement strategies to ensure you are paying the minimum legal tax
and will work with you to achieve your financial goals.


As the sole principal and accountant in my business, you will have peace of mind
that an experienced senior CPA will be exclusively working on your accounting and tax affairs. 
No more graduates or juniors working on your files, and no out-sourcing of your work, 
(and confidential records) to a low cost accounting firm based overseas, the latest development
many medium and large accounting firms are now adopting to boost their profitablity.

Engaging GRA to work for you is a no nonsense, respectful of your privacy and confidentiality,
it's a friendly, stream lined, easy and affordable way to do business.

I work one on one with all my clients with your best interests at heart. If you engage GRA,
I personally guarantee you will receive a level of personalised service, quality advice and
turnaround times, which will exceed your expectations.





I selectively operate my accounting practice from my purpose built
home office and as such have lower overheads than my competitors
and can offer my professional services at pricing that is cheaper than your
typical tax practitioner, without any compromise on service delivery.
Parking is relaxed and my office is separate from my dwelling, I assure you it's a
professional setup that makes the business partnership, friendly, informal and effective.


You should consider engaging my services if you meet one of the following criteria;

  • You are in business operating through a company or a trust

  • You are starting a new business to operate through a company or a trust

  • You own a self-managed superannuation fund

  • You are a high net worth individual



Call me to arrange a FREE ONE HOUR, no obligation meeting
to discuss your business and personal requirements.

Phone: 0425 854 069


Professional Services

Professional accounting services for small to medium size companies,
trusts or SMSFs (self managed superannuation funds)


Tax and Accounting
Every business must meet its statutory tax and compliance obligations​.

GRA will handle your tax and accounting obligations, leaving you free to manage your business
and service your clients. You don’t have to worry about any of it, GRA have got it covered,
it’s what we do and have been doing for the last 20+ years. 


Typically we will review your accounting file, finalise your year-end financial statements and prepare your tax returns. During this process we will ensure your business is meeting its statutory obligations (income tax, FBT, corporations law, payroll tax, SGC, SIS etc.)


GRA Professional Services:


  • Preparation and lodgement of income tax returns

  • Preparation of financial statements 

  • Preparation and lodgement of BAS

  • Payroll reporting

  • Providing structure advice, including implementation
    and set up of companies, trusts, SMSFs and
    SMSF gearing arrangements (bare trusts)

  • Providing tax advice, including income tax, capital gains tax
    (small business GGT concessions), fringe benefits tax,
    division 7A (debit loans)

  • Implementation of pension strategies within your SMSF

  • Resolving tax disputes and negotiations with the Tax Office

  • Compliance services and advice for your business and SMSF

  • Tax planning and strategies to legally minimise your tax

  • SMSF audits

  • Attending to regulatory Government requirements


Sale or Acquisition of Business:

GRA provide our clients with specialised, strategic, informed and up-to-date
business sale and acquisition advice, to ensure this complex process
is undertaken to maximise your return and strengthen your bottom line.
GRA will guide you through what may be one of the most significant business
transactions of your life, the outcome which could impact on your future worth
and retirement prospects. GRA manage capital gains tax and small business
CGT concessions associated with sale of business.


Self Managed Superannuation Funds: (SMSFs)


The future is in your hands, GRA provide all the support you require to self manage your superannuation administration, accounting, tax returns and audits required by government regulations for all self-managed superannuation funds. It’s not a problem, it’s a service and
it’s one we take very seriously to ensure our clients vested interests are well looked after.


SMSF’s can be very cost effective for large balance funds, can allow purchase of strategic investments e.g. business real property, and can be used in conjunction with a bare trust, to borrow funds to purchase a property. An SMSF can allow you to take control of your financial future, to invest directly in property, shares and other eligible assets, and can operate effectively both during your work life (accumulation phase) and into your retirement (pension phase).


GRA liaise with proven and trusted financial planners, auditors, lawyers and actuaries to
implement superannuation and pension strategies that make sure your retirement funds
are working effectively in building wealth for your retirement. 


Specialised Services for Special Clients:


All our clients are special and deserve our special personalised friendly attention.
All our clients receive the best up-to-date, professional advice and accounting service.
No stone is left unturned to ensure our clients are legally minimising their personal and
business taxation obligations. Living for today and looking forward to the future.


Being a CPA (Certified Practising Accountant) with a long history of providing smart
accounting, business management, wealth building and retirement solutions enables us
to offer our personalised services as a viable alternative to mainstream accounting firms.
GRA is a small personally managed accounting business that prides itself on our ability and experience to get the job done on time and on budget every time. We communicate on a
personal level with our clients and make no apologies for it, it’s the personal touch that really
does make all the difference. Our fees for service will be a pleasant surprise to those
businesses that have been presented with large unexplained invoices from larger accounting
firms in the past. Leave the past behind and look forward to the future, come and partner
with GRA and I will personally work with you to make your accounting easier and
more affordable for you.


You can account on us.


Greg Robbins
Managing Director
GRA (Greg Robbins Accounting)

Liability limited by a scheme approved 

under Professional Standards Legislation



Greg Robbins Accounting is conveniently located in
Bentleigh, Melbourne, Victoria and proudly service the Melbourne CBD and surrounding suburbs.

*Phone for your free 1 hour confidential consultation 

* Office hours 9am - 6pm Monday to Friday
Open additional hours by appointment only

Greg Robbins Accounting - Bentleigh Melbourne Victoria

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